Would you prefer to book appointments online in your pajamas, without making any connection to the outside world?

That’s what we thought…

We have decided to dive into the world of online booking! We want all you busy beavers to be able to book with us at your own convenience 24/7 online. However, if online booking does not appeal to you, this only means we are MORE available by phone or in person, so please give us a call or stop by with any booking needs or questions!

While we adjust, please be aware not all services are capable of online booking currently. Any color service, Brazilian Blowout service, Vomor extension service, etc, can only be booked by starting a service request form from our online booking menu, by phone, or via email. Certain services such as Brazilian Blowouts, Vomor services, and color corrections require a deposit and need to be booked with a credit card or in person with cash.

We can’t wait to see you at your next appointment!