Hayli has been doing hair since 2018, after graduating from Central Technology in Drumright. She completed a 9 month internship program here at Raw Elements Salon, before beginning her personal journey as a hair artist. Hayli knows being a stylist isn’t all about the hair, it’s about having clients that she knows she is going to be able to connect with and them being able to do the same with her. Finding out who you are as a person and giving you an experience that you can’t get anywhere else, combined with giving you the best hair possible, is what she expects from each guest she serves!

    Hayli loves working with curly haired clients, as she herself has curly hair! She knows the importance of curl care and providing a customizable experience for clients with ALL hair types! She is ever eager to learn, and prides herself on continuing her education to perfect her craft.

    She has fallen in love with Aveda, their mission, products, and what they do for the world! At Aveda Congress in 2018, she was introduced to their charity work and what they have done for the environment, including their wind power and water conversation efforts.