Lori has always had a passion for making people feel great about themselves. When she was a writer, her favorite thing to do was use words to portray the way she saw people. She used every metaphor and analogy at her disposal to project people in a light that reflected their best qualities and true beauty.

    Today, she believes its an absolute gift to come to work every day and not only use her words to lift others up but to also to use her craft to better one’s opinion of themselves! Lori loves using color, light reflection and specific haircuts to best complement her client’s best features.

    It’s important to Lori that her clients feel cared for during every visit to her chair. She loves creating a safe space and enjoyable space for her clients; from a drink in their hands and a shampoo and massage; to, most importantly, ensuring her clients feel confident in her ability to help amplify their best self-image.