AlanieMaster Designer

    Alanie started her journey in hair design in Louisiana in the late 80s when hair was “wild and crazy” and mohawks and dreadlocks were making their way on to the scene. Her first venture away from home landed her in Dallas, which ended up being “the right place at the right time.” She discovered Aveda in 1991 and has stayed loyal to the brand ever since. Around that time, she chose three different apprenticeship programs including Haircutting, Custom Color Design and Expert Foiling.

    She had the amazing opportunity to study under some of Europe’s best stylists. For more than a decade, Alanie worked in front of and behind stages, including some of the industry’s greatest hair shows and conventions. She also has experience doing hair and makeup on movie sets as well as working alongside some of the most well-known people in rock music.

    Today, Alanie will say that she likes “being behind the chair most” and enjoys designing haircuts and styles with custom color design. She also enjoys applying her own personal study about why “hair has a mind of its own” using modern techniques, nutritional aspects, and hair growth patterns.